Meet Guitarist and Member of Autograph Jimi Bell April 8-10, 2022

Meet Guitarist and founding member of Autograph Jimi Bell April 8-10, 2022

Jimi BellJimi Bell, from Hartford, Connecticut, USA, is considered a giant on the guitar, as well as being the inventor of the SHREDNECK.

He has used his talent’s to work with many of the top artists in music and the entertainment industry. In addition, he’s also the “go to” guitarist for studio work for sports giants like ESPN, WWE, Impact Wrestling and NASCAR. Currently, he is an official endorser of Roberts Guitar, Charvel Guitars, PVX Guitars, Viper Guitars, Ovation Guitars, GHS Strings, Rocktron, Randall, Marshall Amps (Europe), and KickAss Cables.

Guitarist Steve Lynch recently left Autograph to pursue other musical interests. Leaving a big void in a group he created, the band decided to go with House of Lords Guitarist Jimi Bell to fill that void.

From the beginnings at The Agora Ballroom in West Hartford, Connecticut playing with Joined Forces. Jimi is a giant on the guitar; he has used his considerable talent and abilities to work with the top artists in the music and entertainment industry.

He was an active guitar phenom player in those bands. In 1986, Jimi worked in Michael J. Fox and Joan Jett’s film “Light of Day.” In this movie, he was both a performer as an actor, and he played on the soundtrack as well.

At the time Bell was endorsed by Kramer Guitars. Kramer was the one who admitted Bell’s talent and mental abilities, and he wanted him to get to the place he deserved. Meanwhile in 1987, across the country, Ozzy Osbourne started an international campaign to search for the best guitar player in the world to replace the departed Jake E. Lee.

When Kramer heard about this audition, They sent Bell’s video to Ozzy’s wife. Bell was just surprised when he received the call for an audition. He went to Los Angeles for the audition. There were around 500 best young guitarists from all over the United States. Bell’s playing made a great impression there, and Ozzy himself decided to play with Bell the next day. Jimi Bell was told that it was down to him and Zakk Wylde. After one day, Bell learned that Zakk Wylde was the new guitarist of Ozzy.

After a few months, Bell received a call that Geezer Butler was searching for a new guitarist. He went there to record his music, but he had terrible luck there. He was once again left alone. Despite this, Bell never quit. He began to realize that every time one door closed, another would open. He believed that giving up on his dreams was not an option.

In 2005, he joined the band House of Lords, and he never looked back. Since 2005, Bell has toured Europe every year with House of Lords. His band Maxx Explosion, an off-shoot of House of Lords, has been playing very well and regularly in the United States. Jimi has made music his life.


Meet Guitarist and Member of Autograph Jimi Bell April 8-10, 2022